SnapObjects DEMO
C# Development with SnapObjects
  • 100% managed code C# runtime
  • .NET Core based, with cross-OS support
  • Develop using any .NET IDE (Visual Studio, SnapDevelop, etc.)
  • Greater productivity than leading ORMs for .NET
  • Optimized performance and scalability for n-tier architecture
Key Features


  • Executes queries and loads the result set to a temporary object for further processing or returns the calculated result set
  • Tracks model changes, SQLs, and Actions for the purpose of transaction management
  • Submits all the tracked database operations in models, SQLs or actions to database in one shot to execute and let SqlModelMapper manage the transaction for you


  • A C# replacement for SnapObjects's embedded SQL feature
  • Supports raw SQL as well as automatic SQL generation
  • Supports lazy select
  • Supports binding result-sets to POCO or dynamic Models


  • Helps you rapidly build static or dynamic SQL
  • Makes your SQL easier to maintain
  • Makes your SQL more convenient to change at runtime


  • Eliminates the need to create models in many scenarios
  • (In theory) use the DynamicModel in the result-set from any query or stored procedure
  • An excellent choice for holding temporary data